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About Wana Jiwa Spa
Is Wana Jiwa Spa open daily?
Yes, we are open every day from 9 am to 9 pm.
Are the treatment rooms open air or enclosed?
The spa treatment rooms are open air.
Are the therapists male or female?
Most of our therapists are women. You can, however, request a male therapist one day prior to your appointment.

Scheduling your appointment
How do I make a reservation?
You can make a booking by visiting our website Wana Jiwa Spa or reach us by email at wanajiwaspa@komaneka.com or call us (+62) 361 849 3034.
What if I cancel my booking?
We accept cancellations up to 24 hours before the appointment.
Can I choose my therapist?
Yes, you may choose your therapist if she is available at that time.
How about payment?
We accept Visa, Master, AMEX, cash, or debit card.
What is the minimum age for treatments at the Spa?
In accordance with international rules, the minimum age is 12 years old.

Preparing for your appointment
When should I arrive?
You should arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to experience our signature welcome ritual.
What if I arrive late?
We do hope that you are not late. We will try to accommodate you if there is still available space in the schedule, although we cannot guarantee it. There are 2 options: either we re-schedule your treatment if possible or your treatment might be shortened, because the session should end on time to avoid further delays.
What should I do with my jewelry and clothes?
Each room has a clothes rack and safety box.
Should I bring extra clothes?
You don't need to bring extra clothes, because we provide bathrobe, panties, and bra (for women).
May I bring my child?
We request that you do not bring children to the treatment.
Can I eat prior the treatment?
We recommend you to eat 1 hour prior the treatment.
Can I take the treatment during pregnancy?
We do not recommend treatments in early pregnancy. All pregnant women should consult their doctor about the advisability of spa treatments.

During the Spa visit
Is there a changing room?
We provide a changing room, shower, toiletries and towel.
Can I bring my phone into the spa room?
We suggest that you do not bring your phone inside the treatment room. However, yes, you may use your phone in silent mode, but we request that you respect other guests.
Do I need to tip the spa therapist?
If you want to give a tip, that would be generous but it's not mandatory.
Where I can go for meals?
There is Seneng Kitchen Restaurant at Komaneka Resort. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and are open 24/7.